Meet Siri, your personal assistant!

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The Chicago Apple User Group's meeting on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 will be about getting a lot more out of Siri. As you may know, Siri is Apple's personal voice assistant, and it works on virtually all Apple hardware. Virtually everyone uses Siri, but it can do a lot more than people ask it to do. In this presentation we'll demonstrate how to use Siri to:

• Answer questions about sports teams, players, rankings, schedules, and more
• Perform math, ranging from simple calculations, to calculating tips at a restaurant
• Let you know the time in any location, as well as how to set timers, reminders, and more
• Find restaurants in your area
• Find movies and movie reviews in your area
• Get business information, such as stock prices
• Meet Siri the joke teller
• Use Siri to make a phone call on your iPhone, such as calling a taxi
• Use Siri to FaceTime a friend
• Use Siri to get directions and estimated time to arrive
• User Siri to make dates and events
• Save notes

There is more that Siri can do, and you can learn about it in the book, Take Control of Siri, by Scholle McFarland. Our meeting is just a small part of what's in the book. You can purchase the book at:

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Learn to get the most out of Siri at our meeting on Wednesday, June 2, 2021!


Russ Conte
President, Chicago Apple User Group